In Education, Quality is the Most Important


Enhancing the reading capacity of children can provide them with opportunities for a better future. Focusing on one subject makes their study and understanding easier and your children will gain the keys to success in their education. Our goals are to provide quality books to children in order to lead them in the ways of knowledge. With Sipar books, you can be confident that your children or your pupils have the best books we publish in Khmer.


About our books:

• Each book is designed according to the age and preferences of readers.

• The type of paper we use is bright and thick. The pictures are high quality.

• When children read anything they do not like, they stop reading. That is why we publish children’s books with stories that make children want to read. When they are interested in reading a book and love reading, they will love reading for life.

• The group of “picture books“ has their cover and inside pages plastic-layered to be water-proof and have their borders blunt-trimmed so they do not cut children when they hold them to read.

• The subjects are numerous and diverse, such as history, culture, environment, health, sciences, nature, animals, and biographies of famous people, etc. We also publish the Atlas books that are the first books of maps in Khmer.

It is important to choose books you think your chidren will like.


How to Choose Books

What you want is to encourage your children to love reading. If they read a book that is not their interest, they then may be discouraged and stop wanting to read and learn. Sipar can help you to choose the books suitable to your children. With a great deal of experience and the help of of Khmer and international experts on children’s books, we have published books classified in categories in response to your children’s demands from books for very young children to young adults. Our books are made for the evolution of children and to suit their desire: Children are the Heart of our publishing projects!


My child doesn’t like reading. What should I do?


This question is rather difficult to answer. All children are not alike and their taste for reading is also different. However, we will try to tell you some key points to help help your children to become good readers.


First, are you sure that your children do not like reading?

• Are your children capable of reading books by themselves? Sometimes, reading may mean spending time with those they like.

• Children need you to have some time with them in order to develop reading on par with their growth. The determination of the age of readers according to each book is just an expression. Seek to understand their preference. When they like reading, they will be interested in the variety of books and the level of their reading capacity will automatically be developed. Please be their example.

• If your children see you as a good reader, they will follow your in your footsteps and like reading, too.


A to Z, how to make a book


In the framework of First Read program, conducted by Save the Children with the support of Prudence Foundation, Sipar published this guideline and trained other publishers on how to produce high quality books.


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