For Sipar, education builds the future!


Sipar is an international non-profit organization created in 1982 in refugee camps in Thailand. In 1991, Sipar came to Cambodia and took part in the rehabilitation and development of this country damaged by the wars.


Sipar aims to offer all children and young people an access to quality education by fighting illiteracy and giving every child the taste of reading.


To achieve its mission, Sipar has 4 complementary programs related to the development of reading for all:


1- School Libraries: Sipar aims to create a network of school libraries. Since 1993, 230 primary school libraries have been set up in the whole country. This project is carried out with the Ministry of Education and the local authorities. Training sessions for librarians are offered on a regular basis.


2- Centers for Public Reading: Sipar has established 43 Centers for Public Reading in remote villages, prisons and hospitals, to offer the local population - children, teenagers and adults - a space for reading and an access to documentation. 8 mobile libraries circulate in the suburbs of Phnom Penh and the neighboring provinces.


3- Sipar Books, created in 2000, the program aims to develop children's book publishing.


4- Pro-Poor program: Sipar wishes to build the capacity of commune councils in designing, implementing and managing education development plans and projects, and to propose tailored educational services based on each commune's needs and constraints, in link with local and national service providers.






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