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We work hard to offer you the the best of Cambodian children’s books. Please meet the members of our team, and discover what they think about Sipar Books and their work!

Huot Socheata

Publishing Program Manager


“Every time we publish a new book, it’s like we have just given birth to a child. Making books is a difficult job, but fun too.”



Huot Sarith

Editor, Non-Fiction collections/Technical Assistant


“There are a very few non-fiction books for Cambodian children, and I enjoy doing them. I also like atmosphere within team is a very friendly one.”



Butt Sophal

Editor, Adult Collections


“I am a huge fan of Sipar books even before working here. And now I've got a chance to understand what makes Sipar books so appealing. It is a delightful discovery!”



Ouch Sodany

Editor, Fiction Collections


“What I enjoy the most about working at Sipar Books is the fact that we work as a team: nobody is isolated, we all work together,

and it’s fun.”



Oum Vanthary

Editor, Young Children's Division


“At Sipar, everybody do their work, but we help each other. Be editor is new for me! I have many things to learn in this job, but I do it with willing. I’m happy to see kids with the quality book in hands. ”



Sin Sovanrattana


Non-Fiction Collections


«Reading book is enjoyable; making book is even more! Being part of this great team, working on books while children are eager to read them, that makes me delighted.”



Keut Sreyneang

Editorial Assistant


"I am really happy to see children coming and picking books even though they don't read yet. It's the first start. I am glad to be part of Sipar and to make more books for them to discover."



Seng Visoth

Graphic Designer and Illustrator


"I am very happy with what I am doing because I am able to utilize my skills and at the same time I can work with a great team. Thank you Sipar for allowing me to fully play my role!"



Meng Dara

Assistant Graphic Designer


"I am delighted to work for Sipar, together with the helpful team work. Working by smiling and sharing!"



Hak Lyhay

Sale Officer


"By the mission of Sipar" Reading and Learning to build the future" encourages me to be completely dedicated to my job. I am more than proud to be a part of Sipar Team."



Pang Ratana

Sale & Marketing Representative


“Sipar is an NGO whose vision is developing the reading section in Cambodia. Moreover, Sipar has many books for kids of all ages for reading. I really love working for Sipar.”



Hum Kunthea

Customer Relation Representative


“I love to work at Sipar with its enthusiastic team. I love Sipar because it helps promote literacy among Cambodian Children. ”



Vuthy Chhiet

Sales and Marketing Representative


"I love sipar team. I am really happy working for sipar. Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn everything. "



Morn Phearak

Stock Controller


“Reading Sipar Books is a way of gaining additional knowledge. I am very proud to be part of Sipar team.”








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