Whether you are an individual, a business, or an NGO, Sipar Book need your help. By helping us, you are enabling Cambodian children to get better access to reading, education and culture.

How to Sponsor or Donate

Sipar books need your help in any form: assistance or donation from individuals, business companies or sponsor from NGOs. Your donation(s) will help Cambodian children develop their reading, education, and culture.


Be the Donors

The publishing of books is very expensive! Your donations to Sipar helps us continue publishing quality books and selling them at affordable prices to customers in order to ensure that the books reach each Cambodian child. Your donation will be used appropriately in any service of the publishing processes: Buying of materials, costs of publishing, payment to writers, illustrators, translation services, expert proof reading, and marketing services,.

You can help us by ordering any number of Sipar books (before the publication is completed) in order to distribute them to children, schools or libraries.


In these two last cases, your assistance will be returned with the printing of your trademarks, logos, or your names in the “Page of Thankfulness” of the books that you sponsor.







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